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Our Obstetrics Services

Our team of obstetricians love nothing more than supporting women during pregnancy and being there for the birth of your beautiful baby.

Pregnancy is an emotional and exciting time that all women experience differently. No two pregnancy experiences are the same, and we are here to help you navigate this journey with confidence as you get ready for the arrival of your baby. Our team of obstetricians has over a half-century of combined experience in delivering babies, and we act as a calm, expert, and familiar presence in the delivery room.

Our Women-Centred Approach

We care deeply about both your physical and mental health during pregnancy. Our welcoming, feminine clinic is a haven where we’ll take your concerns seriously and be ready with support and solutions. When the big day comes, we are at your side as a source of comfort and medical expertise as you go through one of life’s most extraordinary and challenging experiences.

The miracle of birth, and the deep well of female strength, never stops amazing us. We feel privileged to be chosen to accompany you on this most exciting of journeys, and we are honoured that so many of our patients have returned to us for second and third babies, and recommended us to their friends and families.

We thank you for considering us as your partner in pregnancy and birth.

Our Obstetrics Support

Our all-female team of obstetricians is highly trained, with a wealth of experience in pregnancy and birth. Unlike any other practice in Brisbane, all pregnancy scans can be done in-house by our sonographers using a state of the art 3D and 4D ultrasound machine — the only one of its kind in Queensland.

During your pregnancy with us, you will be additionally supported by our midwife, Jacinta, and our clinic physiotherapists are here to help you heal your pre and post-birth body and regain strength. We also run a lovely mums and bubs facebook group for our patients — and nothing makes us happier than watching your new babies grow and thrive.

Who We Work With

Our obstetricians all deliver at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital, Australia’s largest private maternity provider. With exceptional facilities including Brisbane’s only private NICU ward, Mater Mothers’ offers wonderful patient focussed care.

Meet the Team


Pre-conception advice

It can be a good idea to consult with a fertility specialist or obstetrician before you start trying to conceive. We’ll help you optimise your fertility and general health before pregnancy.

Pregnancy ultrasounds

Maiden Health is the only private clinic in Brisbane where you can have all your pregnancy scans in-house, thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D/4D ultrasound machine. We do a scan of your baby at each visit.

Check-ins throughout pregnancy

Our compassionate and expert obstetricians are there by your side every step of the way throughout your pregnancy, with regular and comprehensive check-ins and scans of your beautiful growing baby.

Morning sickness help

Many of our patients will experience morning sickness to varying degrees. Our obstetricians will help you with advice to minimise the symptoms, or in severe cases, can prescribe medication that is safe for your baby.

Midwife support

As part of your obstetrics care at Maiden Health, we include the support of a trained midwife. You will have appointments with our midwife during your pregnancy, as well as an in-home visit after the birth.

Antenatal appointments

Women under our care experience a wealth of support from our team right through the pregnancy , including regular appointments with our obstetrician and midwife, as well as the major scans we carry out in-house.

Birth preparation

Our Maiden Health team will have you feeling as prepared as possible for the birth experience and excited to meet your baby. We are always here for your concerns and questions.


Our obstetricians deliver exclusively at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, one of the country’s finest private maternity hospitals. Your obstetrician will be a reassuring, encouraging presence by your side.

Post-natal support

Once your baby is delivered, our relationship continues, with obstetrician and midwife postnatal visits at hospital, plus a midwife in-home visit and a final obstetrician appointment in our rooms.

Mums & Bubs Group

Women who experience pregnancy and early motherhood together share a special bond. We’ve set up a Mums & Bubs Facebook group exclusively for Maiden Health mums, with regular meet-ups so everyone can build on those friendships in person.