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Women’s Health GP

The addition of a Women’s Health GP to our practice gives you convenient, timely access to a female doctor who specialises expressly in women’s health and fertility.

Our Women’s Health & Fertility GP is here to help you with a wide range of women’s health concerns and has a special interest in fertility, menopause, and contraception. For those patients planning to see our wonderful fertility specialists, the Fertility GP also offers preliminary fertility assessments, testing, and advice on pre-fertility care.

Our Women-Centred Approach

It is our mission to bring multiple women’s health services under one roof, not only for the convenience and comfort of our patients, but to further elevate our standard of care. 

We know that women sometimes feel that they are not properly heard in a medical context, particularly when speaking about things like reproductive health, sexual function, and menopause. Other women can feel hesitant or uncomfortable talking about intimate matters with their regular GP. 

We have brought a Women’s Health doctor into our practice so that your concerns receive the listening ear and personalised care you deserve, with comprehensive appointments in a welcoming, all-female environment. Our in-house GP and specialists also collaborate on patient care.

Our Women’s Health GP

Dr Rachel Wyndham

Women's Health/Fertility GP, MBBS RACGP

Dr Rachel Wyndham MBBS RACGP is a GP with a special interest in Women’s Health, Fertility, Contraception, Menopause and Nutritional/Environmental Medicine.

Dr Rachel has joined with Maiden Health to provide pre-fertility care, contraceptive care including IUDs and Implanon, sexual health care, endometriosis/pain management and menopause support. She also enjoys assisting our specialists in theatre with surgical procedures for IVF, endometriosis and to share the joy of new babies arriving by caesarean.

Rachel is a mum to three daughters who are now young adults. She brings a wealth of life and clinical experience to support your personal health journey at Maiden.

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To book your appointment with our Women’s Health GP, please call us on 1300 MAIDEN (624 336), or fill out the form below with your details and we’ll get right back to you. We look forward to showing you the Maiden Health difference. 

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Meet the Team


Pre-Fertility Care

Personalised advice on getting your health in optimum condition for conception, including tips on diet, lifestyle and proven supplements.

Fertility Testing

A range of preliminary fertility tests including egg reserve (AMH), sperm health, and general health history.

Sexual Health Care

Sexual health checks and advice including STI testing by a caring female doctor.


Endometriosis diagnosis, treatment plans, and referrals to gynaecologists where required.

Menstrual Pain Management

Our GP will never dismiss your pain and menstrual symptoms. She will work with you to diagnose underlying causes and provide treatment options, including referrals to one of our gynaecologists where required.

Contraceptive Care

Tailored contraceptive advice and solutions including IUDs and Implanon.

Mirena Position Ultrasound

Our sonographer will carry out an ultrasound to determine the placement of your intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD or IUCD).

Menopause & Perimenopause Support

Our Women’s Health GP is here to support you through this phase of life, offering the latest guidance on treatments, plus recommended changes to lifestyle and diet to help you feel like yourself again.